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Gils Portuguese Recipes
New England Style Lobster Roll Recipe
Molho Beef Recipe
Kale Soup Recipe
Portuguese Fava Beans Recipe
Caciola Recipe
Kale and Bean Soup Recipe
New England Fish Chowder Recipe
Linguica Pizza Recipe
Carne D'Espeto Recipe
Caldo Verde Recipe
Linguica with Potatoes and String Beans Recipe
Clam Fritters Recipe
Chourico and Peppers Recipe
Portuguese chicken marinade Recipe
Bacalhau Recipe
Clam Chowder Recipe
Peet's Coffee And Tea

Please visit my new and improved site.It has more recipes and many  good links.Thanks for your interest in my site.Keep on cooking.
Just a few very good Portuguese recipes. Being of Portuguese heritage these recipes have been my comfort foods for a long time.As a native of New Bedford, Mass. I grew up in a predominantly Portuguese neighborhood. There were Portuguese restaurants on almost every corner.I still go back there every now and again. Living in Minnesota, I miss the food and the ocean. I hope you will like the recipes.
Enjoy ....

I am not a professional chef. I will answer most questions about portuguese cooking and dishes. Any other question, I may have to refer you to a site with a professional chef that I know. E-mail me with questions and I will do my best to answer them or get an answer for you.

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